About JETCycling

JETCycling is focused on building a team of junior women cyclists between the ages of 15 and Under23.  We have a goal to help grow the sport of Women’s Professional Cycling by helping our athletes get the equipment, tools, and support they need to be successful.  Our girls are the best that junior cycling has to offer but not quit a professional.  We aim to bridge that gap between Junior Cycling and Professional Cycling.

The requirements for our team are that you must have at least won a State Championship.  On our team we have multiple National Champions, State Champions and International Medalists!

The Team is broken up into three groups: (1) 15-16 year old cadets (2) 17-18 year old juniors, and (3) Under 23.

Our donation page is located at www.gofundme.com/jetcyclingtour

We are trying to support the best in North America to get the experience of a lifetime.  This is a club team made just for the best in junior women’s cycling.

where are you in Rimouski


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